In the last couple of years we've seen a growing number of websites and Youtube videos using text that was taken directly from our website and videos' titles and descriptions. While we welcome competition we do believe that avoiding confusion is in everyone's best interest, including and most of all customers'. So, just to clarify, we are not affiliated in any way to any of these people: the websites ""Ravellointernational" and "Wagnertours", the Youtube channel of some guy who called himself "Amalfi Coast Wedding Music", the piano bar duo "Antony and Pina". Our web domains are www.amalficoastweddingmusic.com and www.amalficoastmusic.net. Our videos are recognizable by our logo (Amalficoastmusic.net usually in yellow on black) appearing in the top left or top right corner of the screen.


What is your previous experience as a performer and wedding music coordinator?
I have been performing and providing music for hundreds of weddings, and for couples of every nationality. Classical and neapolitan music, jazz, pop, salsa, and rock&soul bands, flamenco acts, scottish pipers, and more. I'd say I provided almost any kind of wedding music act I know of. I perform and coordinate musicians in Italy and abroad, and some of the weddings I worked for were featured in foreign magazines. I hope you will find that my customers' feedback speaks for itself, you can find it here, and on Tripadvisor.

Do you reach destinations in Italy other than the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento?
Yes we do, as long as our schedule allows it. Extra cost for travel expenses will apply.

Are your musicians reliable and professional?
Yes, of course. I only choose professional musicians who are talented, reliable, and courteous.

Is your audio equipment up to date?
Yes of course. Our equipment is up to date, and it is mantained properly, and tested at the beginning of the work season, and before leaving for each gig.

Is it difficult to arrange our wedding music remotely, via email or phone?
Most of the music I provide is arranged by email and/or phone. It works like a charm. And I'm always available to meet in person when you are here, shortly or long before your wedding, to go over things together. I'm also available on Skype for meetings.

Can we make requests that are not in your repertoire?
Ceremony musicians, bands, and The Wedding Sound duo can accommodate up to 10 requests for the standard rate. More requests will require an extra fee for arrangement and reharsal. DJs can accommodate any request, and prefer to work with your songlist. Please note: All requests and songlists have to be sent at least 21 days before the event.

How long are bands available for reception at the standard rate?
Bands and the Wedding Sound Duo are available for 3-5 hours for reception for the standard rate, and if customers would like up to an extra 30 minutes performance that is not a problem, and it's free of charge. Bands and the Wedding Sound Duo take one or two short breaks during reception performance.

Do we have to provide refreshments for our wedding musicians?
While ceremony and cocktail hour musicians do not need refreshments, reception musicians usually do. This is because reception musicians are usually on location for 3-5 hours, and because they usually come from further away, so they will be far from home for 6-8 hours in total. For this reason it is customary to provide them with a meal while they are on their break. It doesn't have to be the entire menu, one hot dish, water and wine is fine, it's up to you.

Will there be music during the reception musician's break?
Yes, background music is provided during breaks.

How does payment for your services work?
The total cost of your wedding music will have to be paid before the event. 15 working days before the event at the latest. A "PAID IN FULL" receipt will be sent to you by email.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
Bank transfer, Paypal and credit cards through Paypal (a 3% extra charge applies to all Paypal transfers), and cash if we have a chance to meet before the event. We do not accept cheques. Cost of services has to be paid in full before the event.

Is it true that good wedding music has to be expensive?
Not necessarely, if you are willing to compromise. For example, classical guitar and violin for ceremony + neapolitan duo for cocktails + DJ for dinner can be a very cost effective option to have music for each stage of your wedding. Of course if you want a string quartet, opera singers, jazz band, etc., costs will be higher. Moreover Amalficoastmusic only provides professional musicians in order to always guarantee a top quality performance.

We might have found cheaper musicians, why should we book with you?
The choice is yours of course but, if music on your wedding day is important to you, please consider that professional musicians who are not underpaid/disgruntled will surely deliver a better performance, and behaviour, than amateurs or possibly underpaid performers.

What is included in your rates?
Our rates include performers fees, equipment rental, basic equipment transport (that is when porter and parking fees are not involved), standard insurance on equipment and performers. SIAE is not included in our rates, and can also be arranged with your venue if you/they prefer.

What is SIAE?
SIAE is the italian royalty tax on live perfomances (including DJ sets). SIAE goes from approximately 120 to approximately 320 euro, depending on the kind of act and venue, number of guests, and other factors.

When are porter and parking fees involved? Are they included in your rates?
Some instruments such as harp, drums, electric piano, double bass, and such, usually require a porter if they have to be carried for more than 20-30 metres.
Free parking could be impossible to find in some towns of the Amalfi coast, and bigger instruments require the musician to go to the gig by car. Therefore porter and parking expenses might be involved for your wedding music. Porter and parking are usually necessary in Positano and in Capri, and in a few venues in Ravello. When these fees are applicable they will be added to our rates, they are not included in our quotes. I will provide an estimate beforehand, and receipts after the event.

Will I get receipts for SIAE, and porter and parking expenses if applicable?
Yes, of course. All taxes and expenses paid for your wedding music will involve receipts which will be sent to you by email shortly after the wedding.

Is VAT included in your rates?
No, VAT is not included in our rates. VAT is 22%.

Will I get an invoice/contract, and a "PAID IN FULL" receipt after payment?
Yes, of course. You will receive a receipt for your payment, and a contract.

Why is wedding music in Capri more expensive than in other locations?
Capri is a wonderful island, unfortunately it is a bit hard to reach. Musicians who go to Capri require a higher fee, and providing musicians for Capri involves higher travel and porter expenses than usual. Moreover accommodation is needed for reception musicians, who finish performing late when ferries are not available to go back to the mainland.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Cancellation of booking up to 31 days before the wedding does not require a cancellation fee other than the booking fee. Cancellation of booking later than 31 days before the wedding requires a cancellation fee of 90% of the total cost of booked music services + the cost of the SIAE tax, if that was paid in advance by Amalficoastmusic.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me: bruno@amalficoastweddingmusic.com.

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